"Tru'nembra is the living noise - a transcendental force of horror and fear driven by an unholy union of crushing doom and piercing black metal."

The formation was formed in late 2015 as a musicproject of five friends that loosely knew each other in order to explore the atmospheric side of Metal. With time, first drafts of songs emerged and were again discarded. The name Tru'nembra was choosen and with it the logo as it's first piece of visual identity. As ambitions grew bigger and the style of the band's direction became more and more clear, there followed a phase of lineupchanges as a consequence. Vocals, Drums and Bass-Guitar were changing positions and had to be replaced by new members.

In autumn 2016 we therefore welcomed Henning as our new drummer. As a veteran of many former bands like Neithan or Avataria he brings a lot of drumming experience. Around September 2016 we picked up our current bass player Sven at a gig of October Tide. He is also currently active in Defaced Humanity. With both positions filled we could perform our very first show at the Blackland Berlin in November 2016. The show went well and fueled the band's motivation even further. After a quick recruiting pause, our guitar player Chris then joined the band around early 2017, completing the lineup once again.

Currently we are working on more songs and our first album, more gigs (and possibly some festivals), more designs and other things. Check out our material, support us if you like and be excited about the future!

Tru'nembra currently is:

Most of the members are also active in other projects or bands. Check out Thorns of Ice, Defaced Humanity, Echoes of Gehenna or Kultasiipi if you are interested.

Our musical influences range from all kinds of Metal with an emphasis on atmosphere. Bands like Ahab, Darkspace, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, October Tide, Shape of Despair or Swallow The Sun have left an impact on us.